How do brains meet the challenge of network communication?

The physical laws of the universe make communication among separated entities unlikely. The central and perhaps most unsettling implication of Einstein’s theory of relativity is that no two locations in space can ever be fully reconciled. They will always be separate, and even light cannot provide instantaneous connection. At galactic scales, light can take thousandsContinue reading “How do brains meet the challenge of network communication?”

Why do we need a new metaphor for the brain?

The metaphor of the brain-as-computer has dominated scientific study of the brain almost since the idea of “neuroscience” was invented. Why should we look to the internet as a new metaphor for studying how brains work? We think of our brains as computers. This is no less the case for neuroscientists than for other everyoneContinue reading “Why do we need a new metaphor for the brain?”